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Are you a healer, coach, practitioner, counselor, therapist, consultant or any other service based professional whose work can transform people's lives?

I hear about it all the time, you have invested thousands of dollars developing your skills, maybe honing your intuitive gifts, and tapping into the guidance of Divine Source to help you find your path of service.

In your soul you know you are meant to help people. It’s your passion—your purpose in life, and NOW you want to make it your business! 

However, applying current business and marketing strategies to your transformational services just isn't working effectively and you are questioning WHY?

If you’re like so many heart-centered, holistic entrepreneurs it may be because you are struggling using marketing strategies (and quite possibly a business model) 
that was not meant for your industry!

​How do I know this? Because here are the symptoms... 

  • You feel frustrated because as much as you LOVE what you do and are driven to help others, you can’t seem to find the right words to explain exactly what it is your work does because it sounds too “woo-woo” or the terminology for your work is so new people just don’t get it. If only your words could really connect with prospects, so they knew exactly how you could help them!

  • You have revamped your marketing strategies, built your website, and you are doing everything the “experts” tell you… but new clients still are not rolling in your door, and you are going deeper into debt trying to support your business. (Instead of it's supporting you!)

  • You have given presentations, written articles, and/or had booths spending whole weekends of time speaking to people… but you still can’t get enough clients. You wonder: Where can they be and what do I need to do to get them to work with me?

  • Worst of all, some of the clients you DO get, you barely can tolerate. Every time the phone rings and you know it’s them, your energy sinks because they are going to push your boundaries. But it’s even worse than that—some of them are especially needy for your time to “heal them”—because they still don’t get how the process of your work “works”. Then, they continue complaining your service maybe did not help them…or they even ask for refunds AFTER you’re turned yourself inside out to make them happy!

  • Now the BIGGY, after you share how much your work and or service fees are, they suddenly say
    "I can’t afford that"—even though THEY SAID you could help them! So, you discount your fees, time, and results just because you need the business! Aurgh! (And it just picks at your soul because you begin to doubt your work becoming a sustainable business.)

  • You’ve done everything the marketing books and courses teach you, right? But somehow, it’s just not working for you. (And it’s not for a lack of effort!) Perhaps you have begun to ask yourself: “What’s missing? Should I try harder? Do I need to be certified in a new modality to give me more credibility? Is my expertise not solid enough to transform and help someone yet?”

Maybe you’ve even reached the end of the line. If you don’t turn this around soon, you might just have to give up on your dreams of helping people and find a “job”. 

Because, really, how can you keep spending money on a business that isn’t making any?

Stop right here ...... Breathe! 

Let me say this!  

You are MORE than ready for your business to be successful!

Let me shine my light of hope into your cave of business darkness…

It’s not your fault. You’re not doing anything “wrong”.

The problem is that most marketing and business strategies you have been taught and are replicating
were not developed for your kind of service work! 

The ‘plug and play’ marketing you are using was developed for industries whose services:

  • do not require a collaborative client experience, 

  • do not take clients deep to address pain and problems, 

  • do not require client accountability,

  • do not teach people the benefits of transformative change,

  • do not select clients to ensure they are ready and willing to do the work necessary,

  • do not build a community of support for growth,

  • and do not utilize their innate wisdom of the Divine as a source of guidance!

The foundations of what you think you know about marketing and business is about to be turned on its head…

You see “Traditional” marketing and many businesses practice the PUSH, PROBE, and PROVOKE method of the very same PAIN points in people that your services are trying to heal!  

Most sales, marketing, and business strategies you have been taught (directly or indirectly) are based on the ideas of Lack, Dependency, Ego, and a Hierarchy of Power.

This is a huge breach of VALUES for heart-centered entrepreneurs on so many levels! 

​And people feel this—You feel it. This is why it does not work for you

In fact, NOT KNOWING this element will keep you bumping up against all the marketing tactics you are doing—because energetically there is a resistance. 

Who am I, why do I know this, and why should you listen to me?    ​

I’m Wendy Burge, a Radiant Marketing Expert, Divine Business Strategist, 
and founder of Radiant Edge Consulting, a 10-year old agency devoted
to transform the rules of business for businesses
like yours.

Like you, I am a Transformational Service Provider. I owned and
operated a 6-figure multi-disciplinary wellness centre for over 15 years.

I have been a coach for 18 years and have worked with chiropractic
teams across Canada and the US. I am the
daughter of a chiropractor,
was married to a chiropractor, 
and hold my graduate-level certification
as an Art Therapist. ​I have written for,
spoken to, and coached thousands
of kindred souls who have a mission to help heal the world.

And I love transformational work and the possibility for personal growth, accountability & change. 

Yet, I struggled for years to establish my own art therapy practice as a viable professional service. 
I invested thousands of dollars in marketing courses and programs to learn everything I could. 

I never could quite get the pieces of the puzzle to fit together specifically for my service and how
I needed to operate it without feeling like I was not selling out my soul. 

Then, one day while on the phone with yet another marketing program salesperson, what he said in our conversation was like a big ‘thunk’ on the head. “People don’t buy wellness, they buy from the point of pain!” 

This got me thinking! 

If traditional marketing and sales strategies were meant to create tension around the pain of the prospect's problems, then provoking this pain just to get them to pull out their wallets was causing distress and distrust for both the prospective client and the service provider. 

This felt completely counter-intuitive to the process of helping heal people's problems in the first place. No wonder many transformational service professionals backed away from the sale opting to make the person feel better for free. The resistance is real from both sides.

There had to be a better way!

I went back to the drawing board and started breaking down the marketing and business models

I had been taught using the holistic principles that I knew worked for my industry & my life! ​

Here is what I came up with...​

  • If pain is the point where it is expressed typically as a symptom, then understanding how to re-frame "symptoms" as the real cost would be essential to get the person to want to do "the deeper work" instead of bartering over the price of the service.

  • Typically, "pain symptoms" are blocks affecting a person's relationships, finances, and or health. This suppresses personal growth and evolution. Getting the person to understand the cost of these pain symptom in their lives is essential to having them finally invest in help.

  • Design a transformational experience that engages on a collaborative and supportive level with the intention of solving the specific problem the client has first, in order to create value for them. However, you must meet them where they are at initially, gain their trust through results, then move them into the next level of growth opportunity. If you do this too fast, they'll quit too soon, and often become critical and problematic.

  • Getting the best help possible requires an investment and is a nominal price in comparison to the real cost brought on by the pain of unfulfilled living. So, bridging with clients to tap into their deeper purpose to experience growth, serves to pull them forward and develops more commitment to their success.   

These concepts may sound familiar to you. But, I bet you never imagined these principles could be applicable for marketing, sales, and as a business model.

Transformational Services work on growth, possibility, and the evolution of a person's life expression. Well business can too, so...​why not build your business to do the same?

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