Turn Your Calling into a Profit Generating Business.


You stepped into business because of overcoming and transforming personal challenges into life achievements. You have invested in training as a coach, healer or other forms of service to help others achieve the same success in their lives. 

Maybe, you have a website, a social media presence, and more content that you care to admit, however, you aren't getting nor keeping clients .... so how do you get paid for what you know?

This program is for you.



Streamline your big mission ideas, your core value offer, and your lifework musing into leveraged client packages and programs for impact and growth.

This is a level 1 business program:

Designed for start-up service providers, multi-modality practitioners, and service providers transitioning from an hourly rate into offering a high value packaged program for greater impact and profit. 

If you help people transform challenges in their health, relationships, or money then this next step business program was made just for you.


Steps Include:

  • Clarity of Your Core Value 

  • Ideal Client Niche & Frequency Match

  • Unique Program Design & Structure

  • Accessing Active Guidance & Mindset

  • Delivery of Program & High-Value Pricing​

  • Magnetic Message Formula to Sell Your Program

  • Embodied Confidence for​ Growing Your Community

Coaching & Program Includes:

  • Foundation Module Training

  • Business Studio Learning Lab

  • Business Mastery Integration

  • 6-Month Support

  • Access to Radiant Edge Business System

  • Worksheets, scripting, checklists, and more

  • Real-Time feedback, Q&A, and Content Reviews

  • Access to Private Radiant Business Studio - Facebook Group

  • Private Client-Only Resources

  • 3- 45-min Private Coaching Calls with Wendy

  • Monthly Group Calls


This program and community are for learning, support, and rapid growth to ensure every single participant gets the attention they need to grow their transformational business.

Offered as a 12-week program of high-value training with additional 12-week mentor support this is a perfect program if you are transitioning your business from an hourly rate service, a-la-cart offers or just stepping into your transformation business. 

This is the business development program our industry is missing. Based on 25 years of business ownership in the wellness and coaching industry I have compiled the business essential to turn your aligned high-value, transformational work into a sustainable business. 


Investment of $500 a month for 7-months or save a full month by paying in-full $3000.




Inspired Confidence: Re-Membering the Language of Leadership
The vision and voice of your work may actually be in your core as a Wisdom Keeper. On the highest level of your calling is the ability to deepen your body of work and contribute your body of work to the planet. If you feel you are now ready to experience leadership by design of accessing your signature energy then the Wisdom Keepers Leadership Mastermind holds the knowledge to help empower confidence and evolve your growth.

Is this you? 

You have a powerful presence when you speak and you bring forth the highest good and successes in your clients yet, you feel like there is more depth or up-leveling in the way you work with clients and you are not sure one more certification is the way.

You are beyond start-up have had moderate to accomplished success in your business yet, are not sure how to take the next steps forward for greater impact at your highest level.  

You know that your work, Works! Yet, you know there is a bigger plan in your heart and just can't see how.

You can see the greater benefit your work holds and are ready to take your message and body of work beyond your local community yet, your messaging needs clarity to target an even larger market now.

This is a level 2 business program:

For established business owners this 6-month mentoring group provides individual support to up-level the frequency of your work and the confidence of your leadership as a Wisdom Keeper. 

Wisdom Keepers are those who bring forth ancient wisdom and knowledge within their teaching. They provide empowering tools of self-acceptance, understanding, and healing. First to themselves and then transmuted to their clients. A form of leading from behind through guided work and wisdom provides a unique ability to have compassion and empathy without enabling and triggering you or your client.  

Working within this new model of leadership approach we delve into aligning the personal energetics, divine feminine wisdom, and continued transformational healing for you on a deeper level using the structure of a women's circle.

Experience Your Sacred Business Blueprint

No more doubts and fear. Trust your wisdom to inspire you in moving forward. Learn to translate your guided path from your higher, trusted source. 

If your business is generating 5-figures and you are ready to move beyond this I would love to work with you. If you are tired of the hustle, are finding current marketing and shiny objects online taking you off course of your growth and you want a more aligned process in helping you chart your legacy, then this program is for you.


Gain valuable clarity and mentoring to make the necessary changes to redesign your language in order to up-level your leadership this includes the energetics to support this.


Beginning with a Transformational Offer Assessment we review what pieces you have in place, assess what is working, tweak the items that aren't, and dump the stuff not showing promise. 

This is not about re-inventing the wheel, spending time keeping you doing busy work, or starting from scratch.

We will identify the usable parts in your offers and business then, clearly re-define how to maximize their impact. This includes that quality of life you are experiencing as a leader your own modeling is essential to the level of play you want to experience in your work.

Let's be clear this is NOT ABOUT DOING MORE but, streamlining processes for leveraged growth by making sure all the moving parts of your business are positioning your expertise for greater profits and even more important understanding the energetics of business leadership guiding you forward. 


Program Includes:

  • Clarity of Your High-Value Transformation

  • Ideal Client Niche & Frequency Match

  • Embody Leadership in Your Life

  • Accessing Active Guidance & Mindset

  • Review of Current Offers - Aligning the Language

  • Delivery of Program & High-Value Pricing

  • Magnetic Message Formula to Sell Your Program

  • Embodied Confidence for Growing Your Community

Mentoring & Mastermind Includes:

  • Feminine Leadership Mastery Immersion

  • Worksheets, scripting, checklists, and more

  • Real-Time feedback, Q&A, and Content Reviews

  • Access to Private Wisdom Keepers Inner Circle - Facebook Group

  • Private Client-Only Resources

  • Review of Your Current Offer

  • 60-min Wisdom Session with Wendy to Clarify Your Work

  • 6 Months Group Mastermind with Wendy

  • Unlimited Email Access to Wendy 

  • Unlimited 15-min Laser Coaching Sessions during this time.

  • 1 Monthly Wisdom Keeper Circle 

  • 1 Monthly Leadership Mastery Training

  • 1 Monthly Money Magic Call


This program and community are for learning, support, and rapid growth to ensure every single participant gets the attention they need to grow their transformational business.

Let's talk to make sure this is a good investment for your business. Only request a Discovery Call if you are ready to invest in yourself. I am a tough love, co-collaborative, high vibration coach and am very selective with whom I work. 


This is not for you if you are new in your business (1 to 3 years), want hand-holding, and do not have additional resources in your business to take the actions required for your growth.

You must already be providing your service. 
You have an email database list, group or following.

You have a system or program for your work already.

You have experienced client successes. 
You are ready to access your higher value work. 
You have a desire to be in a community of aligned women.




When it's time to get serious about re-engineering your business for growth and truly aligned with your signature soul work then you need someone who understands all the working elements for a solid business foundation to support a thriving transformational business.

Radiant Transformational Leadership is the highest level you can step into in your Divinely lead business. Understand your soul energetics to align, engage, and build a profitable business. 

"Business is the highest spiritual practice." According to Neal Donald Walsh in Conversations with God.

Stepping confidently into the spotlight with Divine Support, Masterful Mindset Tools, and an Evolutionary Business System built to Create Your Legacy is waiting for you. Your knowledge and your solution are part of the up-leveling required for our human consciousness raising happening right now. It is not by chance you were born at this time. 

Your Signature Business Soul Blueprint was built into your DNA, let's unlock your wisdom to your sacred success together. 


There is no one-size-fits-all for business but, there are specific things that must be in place to ensure your success.


Blending transformational mindset work, business strategy, coaching, and my exclusive-expertise copy writing services--we will fill in the gaps that have been tripping you up.

This program is designed to give you a solid foundation to advance. 9 to 12-month spaces available. 


Let's find out where you are in your business to assure this is the best way to support you.  Apply Here.


Investment: $9000 to $20,000 

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