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The rules of business are changing and one size does not fit all anymore. You know you were meant to do amazing things with your life and you have invested in learning the tools, skills, and mastery of your service. 

However, you have not quite figured out how to put all the pieces together to make your business profitable, then it's time to Step into the Business of Life


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Wendy Burge
Business Empress and Champion of Change Leaders

I am Wendy Burge and I don't want another heart-centered, service provider to fall into the same marketing and business traps

I struggled with for years. Unfortunately, I still see these traps keeping most heart-centered, service professionals stuck, disempowered, and broke! 


I am here to change this!! It's time to stop settling for out-dated rules and disappointing results in your purpose-lead business. 


Allow me to help you tap into your own Radiant Edge™ to create a powerful platform for your business growth.


     Radiant Edge™ n 1 : The place individual brilliance resides within living beings 2 : Transformative qualities having the ability
to expand the potential of people 
3 : Mastery of lessons leading to valued expertise providing a platform for leadership: ADVANTAGE


After having nearly 30-years in business ownership and operations, my career has included being a service professional, a certified art therapist and wellness coach, wellness center owner and operator, and now since 2008, a business mentor and coach. I have worked with clients, practitioners, and clinics across Canada and the U.S.


I help business owners systematizes their operations, engage authentically with their clients, and expand revenue channels
using the very principles, practices, and systems I not only teach today but, I also follow myself.


My business knowledge is not what most people are taught. When people understand how to use their gifts in a more effective, empowered, and Divine way, their business, marketing and sales, and client engagement processes transform.


Known by my clients as the 'healer's healer' I will show you how

to stop overworking and re-engineer your business to grow in alignment with your desires and to create the transformational business with impact and prosperity.


The professions I have worked with...

  • holistic medical practitioners

  • chiropractors

  • fitness specialists and trainers

  • angel practitioners

  • nutritionists

  • horse whisperers - riding coaches

  • spiritual counselors

  • parenting coaches

  • caregiver mentors

  • wellness coaches

  • sales trainers

  • NLP practitioners

  • relationship coaches

  • financial advisors

  • money coaches

  • energy healers

  • massage therapists

  • business consultants

  • conflict management specialists

  • teachers

  • accountants

  • authors

  • artists

And, since 2015, I have volunteered with Junior Achievement in the Langley, B.C. school district teaching school-aged children how to succeed in their own entrepreneurial businesses. I have been featured as one of their noted JA alumni in February of 2019

I love teaching the art and soul of 'Entrepreneurial Stewardship', as I call it.


So, whether your preferred learning style is one-on-one mentoring, business and team consulting, group coaching, virtual programs, or DIY tools I promise my Radiant Edge Business Systems™ will transform your business and life.

Here is to Your Radiant Success!

p.s. Curious about my trip to Egypt? Click here to discover more about this amazing journey.

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