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If your business feels stuck or out of alignment with the meaning and messaging of your service or offers you can lose confidence in how your business communications come across to your followers, prospects, and clients. 

Overhauling complete business systems, offers, platforms, and the like, are too costly on a business or private practice. However, course correcting the communication chain your brand message is conveying can effectively enhance client experiences and add money back into your bank account with a few precise, well-positioned, and well-crafted moves. 

P.I.V.O.T. Communication Strategy Intensive identifies key points in communication channels and processes that can stop the flow of clients and profits into your business. 

           Re-engage your brand message and communication channels with effective, value based positioning.

​This is not intended for you to learn how to do more in your business quite the opposite. We run through how your communication and value structuring is supporting or under-serving your business growth. We cut through all the jargon and canned communication to streamline custom-designed, strategic clear language, noting where the communication gaps have tripped the value positioning within your business.   


We map out and define every step of the way you can efficiently create change that makes sense, and dollars ;-) !! 

You will walk away with a P.I.V.O.T. Communications Strategy Playbook to implement solutions we have custom created for your own team or provide options to have our team work with you. 

Let us delve into the position, language, and messaging of your services, systems, and support to create rich, client-centric experiences together.  

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