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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Business Soul Session

Building Business by Expanding Your Value

Transformational businesses require deeper engagement, stronger structures, and lasting impact. Most important, they require more of YOU. 

Your value and ability to own your unique approach and knowledge is the
key to your thriving in business. Balanced with the right actions this state of Being aligned with proper steps is the best way to develop greater impact, influence, and income.


Looking to uncover your unique radiant edge, then experience this transformative session.

Walk away with a value stack of insights and clarify the heart of your foundations required to scale with the best business model.

Get practical next-step options and take away recommendations for positioning.  

60 mins $250

Positioning Strategy

Experienced Guidance You Can Count On

If your marketing is not capturing, converting, or creating impact in your business it's time to P.I.V.O.T. the communication style of your business voice. Overhauling complete business systems, offers, platforms, and the like, is too costly for a business or private practice.

Course correcting the communication chain your brand message is conveying in your marketing, sales offers, and even client engagement can effectively enhance client experiences and add money back into your bank account. With a few precise, well-positioned, and well-crafted moves you can P.I.V.O.T. your marketing to work better for you with less stress.

P. Position  I. Innovation  V. Value  O. Offers  T. Transitions

Invest in this 4-week strategic consulting and coaching program with Wendy Burge where we will identify key points to enhance market positioning for your ideal clients and packable solutions that are profitable into a bespoke marketing playbook developed exclusively for your business.   


Continuity Program

Exclusive to Valued Clients 

We are thrilled to offer our pre-existing clients an exclusive opportunity to continue your journey with Wendy Burge and the Radiant Edge Continuity Program. Designed specifically for our valued clients, this program leverages our deep understanding of your business to deliver unparalleled value, strategic growth, and transformative results.

Program Highlights:

  • Personalized Strategic Projects

  • Private Coaching Sessions

  • Value-Added Benefits

  • Priority Access and Response

  • Community and Networking

Our track record with your business speaks volumes. Let’s build on that foundation for even greater success.

Business Training & Groups

Foundational Teachings for Business 

With so many hats to wear as an owner of a business, there are numerous learning curves to manage. Wendy blends practical business strategy with spiritual principles helping save my clients time and money by teaching business fundamentals, best practices, and growth strategies--for heart-centered business owners. It's time to change the rules, drop the addiction of hustle, and learn the consistent actions required to create radiant businesses built for success.

Programs I offer throughout the year:

  • Signature Success Solutions Workshop

  • Confident Conversations - Sales Course

  • Skinny Business Fat Profits - Bootcamp

  • Business Studio Women's Group 

Training Groups
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