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Confident Conversations Bundle

Created by Wendy Burge

Welcome to your bonus bundle.

Does having the money talk with clients induce anxiety?
Do you trip over your words when you have to state the price of your offer?
Do you wish you had more confidence when it came to just asking for payments?

I get it. The money talk, no matter how it's presented, can trigger people on both sides of the conversation. That is why I created a way how to shift your relationship around the money talk into 

a conversation process that provides more certainty, alignment, and confidence.

Confident Conversations emerged from countless conversations with clients who asked for coaching support around their mindset and language when speaking about money, value, and sales within their business and specifically when it was time to ask for payment. 

I have created a video tutorial to assist you in using these scripts.

Click on the video link to be taken to an 8-minute introduction to your handouts. 


Click the image or if you prefer copy the link: 

Click on each pdf to view or right click the document and save it to your own computer.

Thank You

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found it useful,
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Wendy Burge

Intuitive Business Strategist
Communication Specialist
Writer & Speaker

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