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coaches, consultants, holistic healers & practitioners, 

and heart-centered service providers this gathering is for you...

What is The Marketing Mystique?

Being a woman in business today is re-shaping marketing and the blueprint to building a profitable business--especially, one that supports your needs, dreams, and desire to help people.

However, if you have not tapped into the divine secrets of how your female wisdom can serve you in your business, then you are most likely using out-dated, traditional methods and models that are making you doubt your ability to achieve your success!

The mystique to your marketing will be your full essence showing up for others to experience. Yikes! Right. Not necessarily so. There is a way to Be this without feeling exposed or overwhelmed.


If you are experiencing any of the following business symptoms, then its time to trade in your trousers for a skirt and learn how to do business like a woman if...    

  • You are finding your work sucking the life out of you and the joy out of your business all because you have really created your own j-o-b not your dream business.

  • You are wondering why in spite of knowing how you can really help people they don't get the value of your work and pay you for it. 

  • You are experiencing money leaks like trading your time for money--usually much less than what you are really worth, giving away your time for free (ack!), or are told "I can't afford your services" far too often.

  • You are struggling to generate new clients or business, yet you blog, tweet, facebook, post, and publish but still have few action ready clients.

  • You are feeling frustrated with your marketing & networking efforts because you can not seem to fill your prospect pipeline or keep the tap running.

  • Are you uncomfortable speaking about your business because you do not want to sound salesy, pushy, or maybe even desperate? And, Goddess forbid a bit too woo-woo!

  • You are putting more money into your business than you are getting out of it, and your partner is wondering when are you going to make some real money?

Hello Empress!

I'm Wendy Burge, a Radiant Business Mentor & Spiritual Marketing Coach.

I want to share with you my strategies on how to create your own radiant, profitable business--all the while being yourself truly!


The Marketing Mystique builds on three levels of support for its members.


Quarterly in-person workshops in Langley, BC, Canada to explore a topic,
have "hot seat" opportunities, and time for Q&A. Not your typical business meeting this is your opportunity to get focused learning and conversation in-person around your business.

Take this a step further and get continued support between each live gathering in a Private Facebook Group, filled with amazing women from across the globe.

*NEW* Monthly Virtual Business Circle, more than a Mastermind this format of being in Circle allows you to openly share your truths, wins & losses. Learn to deeply trust your wisdom and to help you shift fear into inspired action.  
Self-actualization is the secret sauce for accomplishing the things you want and often in a lot less time when you create from your truest self.

Let me show you the new way to do business as a leader in transformation!


Join me in this Inner Circle for a dynamic, interactive experience that includes:

  • in-person workshop gatherings

  • online support in a private Facebook Community

  • monthly virtual business circle  

The Marketing Mystique allows women to finally get down to the basics of business in an open and conversational experience that answers the tough business and marketing questions however,
like no other before. Divinely called to lead women ready to build spiritual enterprises this is not like any business you may have experienced before.

You have a choice of options to join. Select which works best for you!


  Turn Your Calling into a Profit Generating Business


You stepped into business because of overcoming and transforming personal challenges into life achievements. You have invested in training as a coach, healer or other forms of service to help others achieve the same success in their lives. 

Maybe, you have a website, a social media presence, and more content that you care to admit, however, you aren't getting nor keeping clients .... so how do you get paid for what you know?

During this workshop, Wendy will show you how to position your transformational message and how to create the foundation of your aligned soul signature offer. Without overwhelming your to-do list simply applying what you learn this day can allow you to walk away to the first steps to your profit path as a spiritual enterprise. 


A Community of Empowered Learning, Connection & Conversation

Next In-person Workshop: 
Tuesday, June 11, 2019


9:30 am - 11:30 am
at Zealous Art - Studio
20218 Fraser Highway, Langley BC



Space is limited - Purchase your ticket below


Quarterly in-person workshop for women to learn, share and have a conversation regarding marketing & business. A mix of workshop, mastermind, and networking for women in transformational services.

Ticket Fee - for June 11, 2019

Facebook Group + Virtual Business Circle

Get the best of in-person gatherings with online support in the private Facebook group. Plus, a monthly Virtual Business Circle to deep dive your into your brand essence and wisdom. This is a highly personal experience. ​

Online Community - No Cost



  • Uncover what your true value is to your clients. (Hint: your best friend already knows this!)


  • How to get paid what you're really worth. (Double or triple your fees authentically--yes you can!) 


  • How to seriously simplify your marketing. (Easy as planning a party!)


  • Discover who really needs your services. (They are closer than you think and they will gladly pay for your help!)


  • Learn a business model made just for women. (That will eliminate overwhelm, claim back your time, and make your kids happy!)


  • Explore knowing your WHY is critical to your success. (Its the core of your business!)


  • Understand how to assess accurately where your marketing time and dollars should go. (Even more so why, because you may be speaking to the wrong people!)


  • How building a database is like being a classroom parent. (Can you say, leader?)


  • Learn why marketing is more like dating than selling. (Hint: no bar flies please!)


  • Stop selling the wrong part of your business to prospects. (Your service is not what you think!)


  • Quit guessing what you think people will buy from you. (Hint: you do this with your girlfriends already!)


  • Claim the radiant expert you are, right now. (Oh yes, you are!)


  • How to confidently communicate how your services help people (and it's not for everyone!)


Plus so much more!


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