Q: I’ve tried other business & marketing programs with little to no LASTING success. What makes working with Wendy Burge different?

A: A few things. First, because Wendy starts where few other business & marketing programs do —
by focusing on YOU--the soul of your business. You have a desire to do great work in the world, so it's incredibly important to gain the clarity around the real VALUE YOU OFFER. Sometimes this means shining light into areas of ourselves that keep us from seeing how RADIANT we really are. Without this CLARITY, you won't feel CONFIDENT to step up fully in all the elements your business needs you to show up in.


Second, because Wendy is NOT just another information guru or shiny object provider, her background as a therapist and coach lends to a professional development approach to her Training, Coaching, and Mentoring. She has holistically designed her business to give you EVERYTHING you need to succeed as an entrepreneur ~ step into the business of life. Drawing on 28 years of owning and operating service-based practices, years of study within psychotherapy, personal development, and coaching she has developed a scale-able business model that grows as you grow.

Q: I don’t know if I’ll be able to use this information in my work as my business is so unique.

A: Wendy will be the first to agree that your work is unique but, will follow that by saying your business is not. Business foundations all have the same set point regardless of the work. Your business requires operational structures to support you and your clients. It requires marketing for prospecting and sales for gaining clients. It requires pricing offers and service fulfillment, and finally, it requires administrative care and bookkeeping for your financials to show your profit. Wendy teaches you how to be a proper functioning business owner--not just a service provider who has created a job for them self. 

Part two of this question is this. You have a unique way of working your business, so instead of radical tear-down and rebuild, which is costly and time consuming, Wendy believes in the Kaizen approach of evaluate, adjust, and implement. By simply re-engineering some things you naturally are doing and have created, she will show you how to lean in with greater intention, so more of these things have a larger impact within your business. 

Q. I see everyone talking online about high-end clients and raising my rates. What if I am not sure that is possible for my work?

A. The better question for this response is "Who would I have to be to receive more money and what would my business have to look like in order for me to charge it?"

This is really a blend of soul and strategy within a business. Wendy feels many times that we are looking at issues from the wrong end of the conversation. In order for you to grow as a business owner and business, clients that already have trouble with your fees is a sign that a level of lack in clarity of value or self worth in play within you, the owner. 


Understanding the real value you bring to your clients and what results you create requires clarity and then, a proper operational system to support your clients to get these results consistently. Instead, Wendy prefers to look at each aspect individually allowing you to make precise adjustments in order to leap higher confidently.

Q: So what will I walk away with after I’ve completed working with Wendy Burge?

A: She is so glad you asked! First, she hopes she will have gained your trust, that you won't "complete," but allow her to mentor your business journey for years to come. Some of Wendy's clients have been working with her for 5 years or more as the trust within their relationship, the guidance in their journey, and the championing in their abilities has developed over time as a true mentor.


That doesn't mean there is a dependency in this relationship. Instead Wendy is a valuable resource to you and your business because your success is her win. She is in it for the long-haul. Because she believes you didn't start your business to last 12-months or only 5 years. You wanted it to help people and create the spacious lifestyle that is a privilege of being an entrepreneur. And truth be told, she says, you have to be crazy to run your own business - few people understand the dynamics of this unless you're in it. So, it is important to surround yourself with people who understand you and whom you trust.


Now for the standard answer you may expect. Most likely than not, you’re going to walk away with so many breakthroughs and ah-has she doesn’t have room to list them all but here are the top 5 things:

1. Clarity around your expertise (which is where everything starts) and the value you bring to people's lives. This is the foundation for your own proprietary signature system translated into marketable content. Once you get this, everything else falls into place.

2. Who EXACTLY you should be marketing to — your perfect, ideal clients who you love working with and who love working with you (because finally they found a trusted guide to help them solve the problems they have been struggling with!)

3. The words that will effortlessly and easily attract clients to you. These words you’ll be able to easily add to all your online and offline marketing materials (website, sales letters, brochures, business cards, etc.) PLUS you’ll be able to use them in your sales conversations, on the stage when making an offer and in network situations. And if that wasn’t enough, all these words will be in YOUR authentic voice, so it will feel natural and authentic to use them in ANY situation.

4. The confidence to raise your fees to what they should be AND have your ideal clients happily pay them. As well, a business model that leverages your ability to have the time and space to do the work with them without going into overwhelm and feast or famine. 

5. Your very own personalized business systems and marketing plans (no more wondering what you should be doing, you’ll have the plan in hand to actually get something done!) Plus, develop the skills
of being a CEO--not a worker anymore.

How long are you going to struggle with marketing and a business model that’s not working for you?  

You won’t turn it around without the clarity Wendy will help you find.

Still wondering if working with Wendy is right for you?

Ask yourself this: Where will I be in six months time?

Will you still be struggling with your marketing? Not getting the clients you need to keep your business alive because you cannot fully translate the real transformative value you offer? 

Or, will you invest in yourself now, gain the clarity you must have to re-position your expertise, programs and marketing, and ultimately, uplevel your business with increased confidence.

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