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By being part of this group you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you don’t agree please delete yourself from the group.


I created this group because I find the Transformational Professions are being taught outdated rules for business and marketing strategies that don’t apply to these types of services. And, that online marketing has taken over the need for developing the tools and skills to be masterful facilitators for our clients, grow our businesses using knowledge about our industry, and creating a community inspired by leadership and helping people transform their lives.


This is a safe place for people interested in growing their businesses as a Transformational Professional & Leader from beginners to advanced, as coaches, teachers, and trainers - coming together and help each other.

Types of posts appreciated here:

-Tips, Techniques, Skill Development, and Motivation regarding Transformational Professions and Business and Marketing.

-Questions. All questions related to strategies, business, tools, marketing, sales etc. are welcome here. We are here to support each other the best we can.

No promos/sales except for on the Saturday Sales thread. This rule is in place because the group is very active and if everyone was posting promos every day people’s questions would not be seen. Be sure to check out each other’s promos on the Saturday thread.


Definition of Promo:

-selling anything (product, services, course, training, program)

-promoting a webinar or live training event

-posting a link to your OWN or others trainer’s website. 

-posting links to your social media profiles (FB, Twitter, IG, Pintrest, etc) or posting your “handle” unless someone directly asks for it.
I may keep social media links on specific posts for the promotion of the group and offers that support the growth of learning.

-posting any images or photos that have your website URL, your business name/logo, or using your business-related hashtags on them.

-linking to a personal blog post or video directly on the main wall.

-posting links to your Youtube Channel or videos that promote you/your business.

-posting directly from your business page into the group.

-asking people to message you for more info on something.

-posts that read ‘Ask me anything about XYZ’ or the ‘I’m free for the next XX minutes to answer questions about XYZ’ or any other similar variations.

Basically if it feels like a promo then it is a promo. (Personal links are allowed on the Saturday Announcement post).



  • No promoting of other Training whether that is online or in person. If you have a Training coming up, please ask me for permission first. I decide if the Training can be advertised.

  • No promoting of other Facebook groups or any other groups outside of The Marketing Mystique Group is allowed because of complaints and concerns received about other Facebook groups being spammy or just out to make money.

  • No messaging members of the group if they didn’t address you in the group first. No spamming each other in personal Facebook messages. If you do this, you will be deleted and banned permanently from the group. No second chances.

  • No posting affiliate links to get people to sign up in other programs or platforms (Affiliate links ARE NOT ALLOWED in this group at all. As I have been advised if something disagreeable occurs I can end up being liable for it as the person was directed through this site group page. Good thing my lawyer let me know this.


I should not have to state this, however I expect your interaction with other members to be nice, supportive, and considerate to their level of learning needs. If you are the opposite, I’ll kick you out of The Marketing Mystique Group. No second chances.



Direct Guidelines for Members to Follow

1. This is a place for helping others. Not criticizing. So think before you comment. The intention for this group is to create new dialogue attaining to leadership, coaching, transformation, and transcendence for ourselves, our businesses, and our clients.

2. Ask yourself ‘Is this comment going to support the original poster and help them grow?’

3. Give genuine feedback to others. We are here to help each other grow our businesses and become leaders in our industry.

4. Posting links to personal blog posts and video in the COMMENTS of someone’s thread is okay. If someone asks a question and you have content that can help them, feel free to comment with any links you’d like. This is great if you have tutorials, information or strategies on your social sites supporting their question.

5. If someone asks a question, go ahead and post the answer in the COMMENTS on their question. However, don’t post your link in a comment if it doesn’t relate to the poster’s question.


6. No creating or uploading new documents in the group. Any documents/files not created or uploaded by me or my team will be deleted. You again may direct where people find it or share a link to the page if it is a useful resource.

7. What happens in The Marketing Mystique Group STAYS in The Marketing Mystique Group. Please do not copy or share any content posted in the group without prior consent from the original poster. I want this group to be a safe place for people to be vulnerable, vent, cry, celebrate, and or share struggles.  Let’s help each other the best we can.

8. Assuredly, due to the nature of our industry and profession if someone posts information that is personal in nature, I expect members to show love, compassion, and support for people when they are overwhelmed and frustrated.

9. Being an entrepreneur is not always chocolate milk shakes and singing woodland creature. There are down times too, as businesses and life events are experienced in cycles. Let’s be gentle with each other during those times of need.

10. Do not personal message any members of the group or email people spamming them after you find them in this group. Pitching to people in a private message will get your banned from the group. If someone reports you to me for doing something like this, you will be banned immediately. 

11. Please no asking questions for others to share links to other FB groups, or any other groups outside of The Marketing Mystique Group.

12. When sharing a ”win” or “revelation” please do not post a link with your post. We love celebrating each other’s accomplishments and hurdle jumps, but don’t make a winning post into a promo by adding a link.


If you break the rules, me (Wendy {Johnson} Burge) or my team reserve the right to remove you as we see fit. 

A serious note: this group is open for anyone to join who is interested in Transformational Industry, Professions or Leadership.

Do not share content that is private.

I, Wendy {Johnson} Burge, Radiant Edge Consulting, am not responsible if someone steals, swipes, or copies a business idea from you. 


Be mindful of what you are posting. If I see that you have stolen an idea, a picture, re-posted or done whatever else with any of my pictures or posts or videos without expressed written consent of the use of intellectual property related to Wendy Burge, Wendy Johnson Burge, Radiant Edge Consulting or The Marketing Mystique Group or any other program content, online or offline I may provide to members you will be banned. For good. No joking around. We all work hard to create content meant for our businesses and I expect to have you honour my work.


Sunday #Soulwork (Empowering insights to your value)

Monday – #CopyDoneRight (Edit reviews of Copy Materials)

Tuesday – #AutomationTips&Tools (Share your tips-tools what works best for you)

Wednesday – #Worry (What are your biggest worries when it comes to your work / your business?  

Thursday #SalesSkills (Anything you would like to share and get feedback on)                                                                                         

Friday – #Function&Flow (Energy strategies for business)                                                                            

Saturday #Announcements (Members promote your service, events or products)

Thanks for your participation in this group!

Radiant Blessings!

Wendy Burge

If for any reason you have questions, comments or concerns about these terms please email:

I would be glad to address them.

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