Soul Journey to Egypt


Maybe the journey isn't about becoming anything.
Maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you so, you can Be who you were meant to Be in the first place.

When What You Know No Longer Works

My name is Wendy and I have been in business for myself over 25 years. At many points, over this time I have hit walls in my life and businesses. I could not figure out why I struggled so much when other people I knew, especially men, could hunker down and hustle their way to success.

I could not maintain their form of go-go-go. Yet, for the past 10 years, I had been a business and marketing coach and knew all the strategy behind what it took to run multi-six figure businesses.

However, every few years I found myself hitting walls and physically getting ill from the stress of working this way.
I lived like this for over two decades.


Although I have worked in the holistic industry since I was 18 years old and had owned my own wellness center for over 15 years, I never saw the pattern.

In 2016, I hit my biggest wall and ended up walking away from it all; closing my corporation, selling my home, putting my stuff in storage, and walking away from my relationships--all because of the stress of how I had been taught to show up and "work" for a living. I felt like a failure that I could not continue to maintain a balance between my work and life.

Quietly, over the next year, I reviewed every aspect of my life closing loops to the issues that I knew were draining me. I realized that as a highly-sensitive, intuitive, and expressive woman I could no longer afford to live and function in a way where there were energy leaks.

This began to make a big difference in clearing up the mind-clutter that had been taking up space and energy keeping me stuck.

Then in the middle of the night, in early 2018, I woke up to write down a message of a few words. I had no relation to them but, felt they were important.

"Wisdom Keeper Circles – Ancient Knowledge for Modern Times"

By July, now ready to figure out how to get back to work in my own business, yet once again, I was listening to a Facebook Live with a respected coach I had followed for years.

In the middle of her conversation regarding her decision to take 14 women on a magical trip to Egypt, she literally, spoke the words I had written down “Wisdom Keepers –(Circles)– Ancient knowledge for modern times. “

I about fell off my chair. I pushed myself away from my computer. Then I yelled out, “Hell No! I don’t want to go to Egypt!”

“Shit!! I am to go with her! I am one of the 14.”


I had grown up in Arizona and taking an exotic journey to the Sahara Desert was the last place I ever thought I would travel too!

But I knew deep down I had to go.

I had been seeing signs for months that a big shift was about to be presented to me.

Downloading the application, I scheduled the interview with the coach and then emailed my financial planner to pull money from my retirement savings to place as a deposit.


Bless my planner, she quickly shot me a text and said, “Let's talk before I do anything!” So I immediately contacted her and told her how I had to go to Egypt. Using that exact phrase. “I had to go!”


I laughed as she told me she was concerned I had received one of those scam emails asking me to send money to an Arab prince looking for me to transfer a million dollars for him. (Thanks Faith, for looking out for me.)

Over the next five weeks, I set up everything I felt I would need to be looked after while I was away following a Divine invitation to step into this epic journey.


I had filled the refrigerator with enough food for my 17-year-old son, left him $200 for the two-weeks as gas and spending money while I was away. Giving him an explicit direction to call 911 if anything happened while I was gone. However, confidently I knew all would be fine. His father lived 25-minutes west of us and my partner lived
25-minutes east of us. I figured he was in good hands if he had any crisis of epic proportion.

I put everything on hold, with a newly drafted copy of my Will in my personal safe I said my good-byes to my two sons, kissed my partner at the airport drop off while asking him to check-in on everyone while I was away.


On September 22, 2018, with bags packed, passport and ticket to Cairo in hand, I boarded a plane to a mystical land I had only read about in my art history books.


I was off on an adventure of a lifetime.

Once in a Lifetime

Epic did not even cover the experiences I had in Egypt.

It was transformative like walking back in time. I had not realized that Egypt was still considered a third world country so traveling through poor villages and restricted to drinking only bottled water for two solid weeks made me realize how blessed I really was if nothing more.


Magical adventures over the two weeks included a morning sunrise ceremony in the legs of the Great Sphinx, 
a motorboat ride under the September full moon at 5:00 am in the morning to access the Temple of Isis at Philae, sailing for a week on a private yacht up the Nile River, journeying to the Valley of the Kings in a coach bus through the desert on restricted roadways, being ushered around back temple walls to a partially excavated site where the carved Flower of Life is perfectly frozen into thousands of year-old pillars with precise craftsmanship and my favourite swimming in the Nile River and belly dancing on its shore under a blanket of stars.  * Breathe *
Yes, I did all of this and more...

Wisdom Keepers Re-Membering

I came face to face with the history of our human family.

The Egyptians were deeply connected to the divine principles of the Universe and how to use what they called the Magic of Life. Establishing Mystery Schools to teach the principles that the Universe revolves on and humans can access through practice, prayer and embodied teachings. This has been the foundation for many evolving religions.


All the principles that holistic teachings were built on were right here carved into the hieroglyphs in the temples. And I realized all the years I felt like an outsider to mainstream thinking where my gut and heart would ping, ache or wrench under the weight of ideology, expectations, and social strife of the patriarchy became clearly understood in a two-week journey. It made me realize I was not the weird one or crazy.

I was deeply in tune with the way of the ancient 
wisdom as if it was deep within my DNA coding. 

I discovered I am a Wisdom Keeper.

Each time I went against this innate knowing I was triggered in my life, getting sick and stuck. Yet, here in Egypt I could relax and see my innate knowledge about life on temple walls. I was never lost.


I had been separated from the Divine Truth.


What I have now come to understand I was meeting the face of the Divine Feminine in Egypt. Our lost matriarchial heritage and lineage. We were never meant to live solely under the Masculine ways I had been taught. All this go-go-go, logic, structure and strive no longer served the truth of my existence.

Since I came back I have been directed to create a new way of being in my life and business that balances my understanding of how to use the masculine and feminine energies that are active within me and all of us.

Restructuring my work to include the empowered feminine combined with the structure of the masculine I have revamped a new approach to truly standing on the Radiant Edge of my life.

hope you will join me to discover and re-member the fullness of who you are and why you are here as a healer, coach, creative, teacher, trainer and a vessel to support the transformation of life expression on this planet.

Your work is vital. It is necessary. It is time for a new model of what that means for you to show up confidently and completely.

With Gratitude...

I want to give acknowledgment to the following people who made this trip amazing.

Elizabeth Purvis,
your guidance as my coach since 2011 has been the greatest gift, including this trip that you felt called to create. I am
honoured I was selected to travel with you, Isis.


Jessica Daniels, your stunning photos of all of us goddesses was a true gift. The images you took of me make me smile with a deep love for your talent and ability to see inside our souls. A gift from this trip for a long, long time!

Eavelyn , the depths of which you took us on this journey went beyond what I could have ever imagined.
I loved this was your 22nd trip to Egypt for your tours and we were your 
favourite group of goddesses! :-)  

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