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Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Consulting Strategy

Experienced Guidance You Can Count On

If your marketing is not capturing, converting, or creating impact in your business it's time to P.I.V.O.T. the communication style of your business voice. Overhauling complete business systems, offers, platforms, and the like, are too costly on a business or private practice.

Course correcting the communication chain your brand message is conveying in your marketing, sales offers, and even client engagement can effectively enhance client experiences and add money back into your bank account. With a few precise, well-positioned, and well-crafted moves you can P.I.V.O.T. your marketing to work better for you with less stress.

P. Position  I. Innovation  V. Value  O. Offers  T. Transtions

Having a P.I.V.O.T. Communication Strategy Intensive with Wendy Burge will identify key points in communication channels and processes to enhance the flow of clients and profits into your business. 

1-to-1 Coaching Strategy Session

Intuitive Wisdom at the Core of Business


Your brilliance is hidden in your blind spot and I am here to show you where to look. People ask me all the time "Do you think I could turn this idea into a business?" Often within a few minutes of us speaking the answer or the ideal, best path to start shows itself.

As an intuitive business coach I can hear and often see the bigger vision being asked of people and businesses I work with. These conversations are often intimate and deeply respectful of the journey that has brought them to this point, then I get to shine a light of insight reaffirming actions.

Curious about a new venture, business, or idea and need honest, professional feedback from someone who has years of business experience under their belt? Then, this simple investment could pay you 10-fold in return with the next, best-step action. This is a one-time 60-minute, high value one to one call with Wendy for $247.

Get your 1-to-1 Coaching Strategy Session with Wendy today.

Business Trainings

Foundational Teachings for Business 

With so many hats to wear as an owner of a business there are numerous learning curves to manage. Wendy blends practical business strategy with spritual principles helping save my clients time and money by teaching business fundamentals, best practices, and growth strategies--for  heart-centered business owners. It's time to change the rules, drop the addiction of hustle, and learn the consistent actions requried to create radiant businesses build for success.

Programs I offer throughout the year:

  • Signature Success Solutions - Program Building Workshop

  • Confident Conversations - Sales Course

  • Skinny Business Fat Profits - 12-week Bootcamp

  • Radiant Business Inner Circle - 9-month Mastermind

Business Explorative

Creativity for Business Transformation

It's strange that in business, there seems to be a favour towards "mainly rational" approaches to generating leads and growth. When in truth, business is a highly-engaged, emotionally intelligent process requiring creative approaches for challenges, for brand identity, and for business culture connection.  

Creative art experiences provide transformative and unique differentiators for a business from their competition. Without creativity, a business is doomed to compete in the logic land of over thinking and miss the enriching connection creativity can bring in to the fundamental essence at the core of it's operations.


Offering Business Leadership & Team Building Art Experiences with Freda Lombard of Zealous Art. For more information click below and you will be redirected to Zealous Art website.

One to One Session
Creative Arts
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