Your Business Blueprint & Tool Box All-In-One System for Transformational Services

Position your value so effectively that you attract all the clients you can handle! And not just any clients—
your IDEAL clients! The kind that allow you to do the DEEPER transformative work you LOVE and people CRAVE!

If you are just starting out and new to offering your transformational services or you’ve struggled with the question “So what do you do?” then this course is EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for!


Imagine answering that question with confidence and clarity every time in any setting (rather than hating that question and always finding yourself stammering out an answer).

Come home from any event, networking dinner, conference, or trip to the store with leads for potential new clients because people will instantly “get” what you do and how you can help them in just 30 seconds!

You will hear things like...

 “Wow, my best friend totally needs you, can I have your card?” 

“My clients have been asking me for that exact thing, maybe we can set up a referral system?” 

“I was just telling my husband I need help with that, can we talk tomorrow?

Get My Step-By-Step Blueprint for Crafting YOUR  Radiant Business Starting Today!

Finally discover and claim your Expertise—get this foundation right and all your marketing and business systems becomes easy.  


  • Craft your own Signature Program by identifying your exclusive step-by-step processes that taps into your education, skills, and innate gifts that help transform your clients' lives.

  • Tune into your Ideal Client’s frequency, join their wavelength and choose the words that inspire them to say “I need that!”

  • Laser-focus your Message so you attract the people you love to work with. (This involves learning how to say “no” to the ones you don’t, too!)

  • Find your own Authentic Marketing Voice instead of latching onto what someone else thinks ‘your market’ will like, or what will sell.

  • Discover your own Radiant Words, which you’ll immediately be able to incorporate into ALL your online and offline marketing materials (websites, brochures, sales letters, etc.) plus use them in your conversations with prospects and on the stage… AND in all your networking situations, too! Best part? It will feel SO natural and authentic! (Formulas and templates provided!)

  • Use a business model that evolves as you do in your experiences, that leverages your time and knowledge, energy!!

  • Build your confidence and conviction in the value of what you’re offering through the programs you create! Earn what you are worth, and what your Ideal Clients will be more than happy to pay you.

  • Develop your own unique Marketing Plan tailored specifically to you, your strengths and your Ideal Clients. (Stop listening to the “gurus” and searching for the “right” way! With this in place, you save time, energy and money. You get focused, maximizing results with less effort!)

  • Get the courage to charge what you are worth (and more). When you have the words to describe what you do for people, and you do it with confidence and conviction, something changes inside and you find yourself able raise your fees…a lot! (And when you don’t know how to describe what you do, you feel smaller, tend to discount or even
    give it away.)


  • Simplify your marketing so you can focus precisely on where your Ideal Clients hang out—this will save you hours of your precious time, not to mention hundreds of dollars.

Listen, I’ve been working in the holistic wellness industry since I was 18 years old, received my masters certification-level diploma in Art Therapy, I owned a wellness centre for 16 years, and have been coaching transformational service professionals since 2008.

It distresses me to still see all the money people spend on “the doing” side of marketing: building websites, using social media and going to networking meetings—only to be permanently stalled when they can’t answer the big questions:
“Who am I marketing to?"

"What is it that I am really selling?",  and
"Why would they want to work with me?”


Without being able to answer this effectively, most transformational service providers lose their ability to move forward in their businesses.

As their marketing efforts continue to have little impact and their business continues to struggle—the lack of results quickly eats away at their self-confidence and quickly depletes their bank accounts.

I don’t want this to happen to you!

And that’s exactly why I created the Clients and Cash Flow Infusion™ Business Blueprint and Toolbox with on-going support.

PILOT GROUP - 10 Week Training & Mastermind

Clients & Cash Flow Infusion + Soul and Strategy - Virtual Group

You have seen the course, thought to yourself,  "I so need this next step!" but, the thought of going through this alone feels overwhelming!

Well, that is not why I packaged this process up to overwhelm you its to give you a kick-start
to up-level your business.... 

I want to give you my personal coaching and guidance while you go through this program and offer the experience of small group mastermind. I love me a good mastermind with my peers!

I was in the same mastermind for 5 years with the same 3 women business owners during that time. Their support, feedback, and guidance was priceless and their friendship long lasting!

This Pilot Group puts the best of high level intensive training with small group support above anything
I have ever offered. It's truly the best of both worlds.




Purchased indivdiually

Soul and Strategy Business Group - $1800
Clients and Cash Flow Infusion - $997
That would make this = $2797 

But I want you to experience the best of both of these training and support ...

All this for $1800
 Clients and Cash Flow Infusion is No Charge!

3-payments of $625 is available. 

First group begins July 5... 

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