Sistership Circles the forgotten practice of women gathering with each other in friendship and support.

As our daily lives have become more complex we find ourselves living in sound bites of connection, limited to a deeper experience with other women, and feeling a sense of isolation even in this hyper-connected world.

Modern day women have been taught to give everything of ourselves to our work, families, and community leaving little for us to feel replenished. We spend hours in front of the computer, living in a vacuum, often strapped with time between work and family obligations.

If you are like many women stepping into a business of your own any additional time you do have you are spending it to grow your empire. So where does that leave women? 

Depleted. All of this is impacting women's health and yet, women are neglecting the most vital element for their well being ... Relationships with other women.

Uncover YOUR

Trust YOUR


The ancient practice of women gathering in circles to share life experiences, feel supported, and exchange wisdom with each other has been lost or denied in many cultures.


After my epic journey to Egypt, I had a deeply moving experience that led me to learn how to facilitate and hold Circles for women in my community. 

As a mother, business owner, partner, and leader in my community I felt I had very few places I could let my self slip off the mask, drop the baggage, and just BE MY SELF.


Sitting in Circle is my haven now for self-counsel, hearing my own wisdom, and connecting with the hearts of other women. 

Open to women ready for a totally new experience. One without judgment of ourselves and others...
 Then I invite you to join me in Circle, my sister.


Let us reconnect to our divine feminine and establish the lost practice of Sistership.


Join me in the Radiant Women Sistership Circle.

A monthly gathering for women who are ready for an enriching experience with other women.

As a facilitator, I have created a container, known as a circle that showers you with support, love, authentic conversations, journaling, dancing, and fun with other women!

Uncover YOUR Wisdom. Trust YOUR Truth.

Are you ready to…


Drop the feelings of judgment, shame, guilt, and all other labeling women place on each other and ourselves?

It’s time to…


  • Access your inner wisdom

  • Trust your own truth 

  • Connect to your body, voice, and power

  • Come together within the vision of one woman//one community

  • Share your support for your sisters

  • Allow yourself to be in the presence of sister love

Come as you are. You are perfectly whole!

Let’s rebuild what real relationships look like with each other and as leaders in our lives.

Monthly topics will range from:

  • Aspects of Self - Women's Wisdom

  • Feminine Leadership

  • Sisterhood Wounds

  • Herstory - Our Lost Lineage

  • Rites & Rituals

  • "Vitamin C" for Women

  • Honouring Masculine & Feminine

  • Loving Our Inner Child

  • And, Much More


If your body wisdom is talking to you right now and telling you this is what you need— I invite you to trust and act on your intuition and join me for these powerful and magical gathering.

I look forward to sharing in Circle with you my sister!


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