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About Me

I'm not your typical business consultant and communication strategist, and my clients are so good with that. Everything I have learned about business comes from first-hand ownership, years of learning through mentors, courses, and books, plus, a deep interest in creating transformative client experiences.

I have worked in personal development and complementary healthcare on my career path of nearly 30 years, as an art therapist, wellness clinic owner, and consultant helping entrepreneurs. I am also very empathic, and intuitive, and some would say 'very wise' when it comes to understanding how to help my clients fully show up in their work confidently. Developing intrinsic value is one of my greatest joys in working with my clients. 

In 2008, I opened my consulting agency for business and marketing strategy as a way to stay home and finish raising my children after I left my marriage. Over the past 11 years, I have worked with clients, practitioners, and clinics across Canada, the U.S., and now around the globe, online, supporting businesses in over 20 different industries related to human potential.

In late September 2018, I went on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Egypt for two weeks. I experienced the sunrise over Cairo when standing at the feet of the Sphinx, trekked through half a dozen sacred temples including one devoted to the Goddess  Isis (truly exquisite), lived on and sailed the Nile River in the most beautiful boat, and ended the trip by climbing up into the King's Chamber of Great Pyramid. Now what this had to do with business at the time I did not know. But, it has been a bit over a year and a Re-Membering of the sacredness business holds when expressed within a new
 lens of ancient wisdom has unfolded and greatly impacted my approaches to everything my business touches.


As I help business owners systematize their operations, engage authentically with their clients, and expand revenue channels using these very aligned principles, practices, and systems I now teach and follow myself. I have a deeper appreciation for the sacredness of entrepreneurship. Many of the business and marketing coaches I see recommend outdated, pushy business and marketing practices that don't work to help transformational service businesses leverage their knowledge and impact or teach high-value client processes and structured growth without a bunch of hustle. (This way of working is dying out.)

New qualities are emerging in business such as emotional intelligence, creativity, collaboration, deeper relationship connection, the sacredness
 of commerce, and the impactful power of language, all exponentially transforming the way my clients can step in and expand business from this most innate depths of our being.


Known by my clients as the 'healer's healer' I will show you how to stop overworking and re-engineer your business to grow in alignment with your desires. I also share practices that enhance clarity, confidence, and aligned actions to expand individual, energetic influence with greater focus. 


So, whether you require business consultingsolid 1-to-1 coachingvirtual training, or a creative approach to your leadership and team building Radiant Edge Business Systems will transform your business and life.

To Your Radiant Success!


Wendy Burge

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