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Confidently Communicate Transformative Value

Welcome! We work with dynamic, ambitious, and compassionate solo business owners and small agencies who are experts at transforming issues into impactful successes with their clients 
yet, struggle to leverage their value, knowledge, and offers 
with more connection and more profits. 


Whether you are a seasoned professional ready to turn your expertise into a profitable business or have been working in transformation utilizing human skills for years, like us, and want to expand your business and community with a heart-focused approach to service, we invite you to connect and learn how we can help you deepen the impact and sustainability of your business with the confidence and clarity you need to succeed.

Working with you to refine your value offer and marketing strategies
to effectively help your prospects 'get to yes' faster!

Join us in clearly transforming your business and
unlocking your own Radiant Edge.

Business Meeting at a Cafe

About Me

Hello, I am Wendy Burge.

I help solo and small agency business owners who are specialists in their fields develop positioning that captures their unique transformative client experiences, claim their unique selling value, package up their proprietary process, and increase their price points by 10x or more.

All of my clients have a common desire to help their clients experience greater success in their careers, lives, and businesses. I would define my typical clients as innovative, change agents.

Their transformative processes whether in Human Potential, Leadership, Specialized Coaching or Consulting solutions involve a high level of EQ thus, requiring an informed type
 of positioning strategy to sell intangible value.

From strategic planning to innovative solutions, done-for-you services, and exclusive business training. My focus is always on building efficient and results-driven outcomes that create deep connections, lasting impact, and scalable growth for my clients.

Can I help you?

Reach out and let's find out if we are a good fit. 



Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

The stages of any business require different needs.
We provide a variety of ways to support the growth and impact of your business.

"I have worked with dozens of coaches over the years - many of them excellent and some less so. As a coach myself, I am very conscious of what works and what does not. Wendy is tops. She is not only very smart in her field, but most importantly, she becomes quite attuned to the needs of her individual clients. Being a coach, I am quite aware of idiosyncracies in my own manner of learning and responding. Wendy picked up on that immediately. She always seemed to know what I needed to move forward and was excellent at motivating me and getting results. She is super - aware, in tune, smart, motivating .... and funny! So use her!"

Profit First Coach 

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