Embody Your Wisdom,
Claim Your Calling,  
Ignite Your Radiant Edge. 

You know your body of work can help people. You've invested every last dollar into your education, training, and certification, or maybe you have been through the school of life and know how to help people get through it better.

You constantly have people tell you how you have helped them reclaim their lives. Somehow, you just knew how to help them too.


BUT... something about your work is keeping you from having the deep impact and prosperous business, 
you know you deserve. And goddess, it's time.


This is not business as usual work, nor does one size fit all.

It's Time To Re-Member Who You Are in order to Grow Your Business by Claiming Your Radiant Edge.

Making Money with Your 'Gifts' is What You Are Here to Do!

Unlock The Real Value You Hold For Your Clients 
How to Transform Your Service Business By Doing Less But, Being More!

Learn to package what you know and be paid for your solutions.

Blending Soul + Strategy for Making More Money, Divinely

Claiming Your Radiant Edge In Business

Building Business by Expanding Your Value

Transformational businesses require deeper engagement, stronger structures, and lasting impact.

Most important, they require more of YOU. 


Operating with outdated, pushy business and marketing practices don't work to help you leverage your knowledge and wisdom, to pay you for all your experience, or to allow you to grow a thriving business. 


In fact, it leads to frustration, doubt, hiding out, confusion, and worst burnout from working hard and having little to show for it.


Your value and your ability to own your unique approach and knowledge is the key to you thriving in business. Balanced with the right actions this state of Being aligned with proper steps to move your growth forward is the only way to realize your ability for greater impact, influence, and income.


The importance of understanding your value allows you to pull together all the pieces to create a platform to share your message with the world.
It is time to own your Radiant Edge.


Radiant Edge™ n 1 : The place individual brilliance resides within living beings  2 : Transformative qualities having the ability to expand the potential of people 3 : Mastery of lessons leading to valued expertise providing a platform for leadership: ADVANTAGE


Business Mentoring for Transformational Women

I'm Wendy Burge and I have been working in the holistic arts for over 25 years. Since 2008, I have exclusively coached with healers and coaches,
just like you, how to embody their value to get paid for what they know not just what they do.


In late 2018 I went on a life-transforming, epic 

journey to Egypt where I was shown how to work with women in helping them to re-member their divine essence. 

This profoundly turned my attention to redesign my well-tested systems and business knowledge into newly, expanded ways of giving women aligned tools to boldly claim their lifework and soul callings.


Blending practical business strategy, spiritual principles, and the ancient practice of women's circles I am on a mission to empower women with a new set of rules for business building through feminine wisdom.


Whether you are new to this experience yet,
are ready to turn your calling into a profitable business or have been working in transformation for years like me and are looking to leverage your invaluable experience then, I invite you to connect with me through the varied ways I collaborate, lead, and work with women. 

Connect with me, my sister. Let's talk.

Women seeking connection for themselves, their roles, and their power from the feminine sit in Circle to deepen wisdom of the feminine through Sistership.

Sistership Circles

The Soul of your business is the highest reflection of your purpose and integrity. Now align this with marketing and business skills to grow a business as unique as you.

Business Soul

 Learn how to break old rules and re-engineer the way you work so that you have more structure and confidence to step into a thriving business and aligned leadership.

Business Strategy

"I am truly grateful for her professionalism, expertise, insights and the holistic approach she takes in helping me clarify and position my business." 

                                                                    ~ Nancy Glover

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