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Welcome! We work with dynamic, ambitious, and compassionate business owners who are experts at transforming issues into impactful successes with their clients, in-person or online, and who are ready to grow leveraged, impactful business with
more heart and more profits . 


Whether you are in start-up and ready to turn your expertise into a profitable business or have been working in transformation for years, like us, and want to expand your business and community with other business leaders with a heart-focused approach to service, we invite you to connect and learn how we can help you deepen the impact and sustainability of your business.


About Me

Hello, I am Wendy Burge. Since 2008, I’ve been providing business and marketing consulting to service based-businesses in health and well-being, transformation, spirituality, coaching, consulting and creative expression. These industries have a common value 'help people experience greater expression in life and expand their potiential.'  Selling these types of intangible benefits as a 'soft service' requires different business strategies for growth and engagement. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, done-for-you services, and exclusive business trainings my focus is always on building efficient and results-driven outcomes that create deep connection, lasting impact, and sustainable growth for my clients.


Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

The stages of any business require different needs.
We provide a variety of ways to support the growth and impact of your business.

Expert Guidance

Intuitive Wisdom

Elemental Foundations

Dynamic Support

I am truly grateful for her professionalism, expertise, insights and the holistic approach she takes in helping me clarify and position my business.

Nancy Glover - Aging With Grace

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