"It’s almost impossible for you to “do what you do” without having clarity, focus, and a strategic plan of action for your business. I invite you to discover the many ways I can help you grow the service business of your dreams." 
The kind of problems that may overwhelm and make other people stuck in their lives, their health, their relationships, their money or their businesses yet, you figured out a solution for--like been there, done that, and now you own the T-shirt! kind of knowledge

But now you don't know how to really turn your unqiue blend of experience and knowledge into 
a fulfilling business with great income.
with Wendy Burge
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Imagine how you could change the lives of the people facing these problems if you turned your knowledge into a thriving business--truly serving them to overcome these problems, 
then, teach them how to transfom their own lives further. 

Coaching people how to build aligned businesses that thrive 
in our new Connection Economy, Wendy champions the correlation between serving people with greater value by using the three C's -- compassioncommunication, and connection; enegineered with practical step-by-step systems that can produce a profit generating business, build a great following 
of happy clients, and provide the tools to help more people. 

Wendy shifts the concept of being a service provider to that 
of having the ability to transform the lives of people through greater personal support and care in a structured and leveraged platform. Identifying her clients as Transformational Service Professionals they range from coaches, counselors, holistic healers and practitioners, teachers, creatives, writers 
and artists, and heart-centered entrepreneurs.
Many of Wendy’s clients come to her frustrated by trying to communicate their 'soft services', 
at getting paid inadequate hourly rates for their time, and from marketing like mad only to feel salesy and see few conversion of new clients. They all claim it feels inauthentic to their mission of wanting  to help more people. This widens the gap between their visions for their work and the of reality of results.

Wendy teaches how to realign business more effectively by blending business systems, marketing and sales, and personal development into a leveraged business model to create the fullest expression of their purpose. By developing richer service offers she bridges that gap to help them build their own radiant businesses.
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"What if the experiences of your life were meant to give you the "secrets" to 
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Why should you listen to me?                    

Like you I am a transformational service provider. I owned a mid-6-figure, multi-disciplinary wellness
centre for over 15 years, I have spoken to and coached chiropractic teams across Canada and the US 
written for a national publication, developed numerous business system programs, I am the daughter 
of a chiropractor, I was married to a chiropractor, and hold my certification as an Art Therapist. 

love transformational work and the possibility of personal growth through accountability and change. 

Yet, I struggled for years to establish my own business as a profitable professional service. I invested 
thousands of dollars in marketing courses and programs to learn everything I could. Yet, I never could 
quite get the pieces of the puzzle to fit together specifically for my business and how I wanted to 
operate it without feeling like I was selling out my soul. 

Then one day while on the phone with yet another marketing program salesperson what he said in our 
conversation was like a big ‘thunk’ on the head. “People don’t buy wellness, they buy from the point 
of pain!” 

This got me thinking! 

If marketing and sales was meant to create tension around the pain of their problems, and the way 
I was being told to do it, then provoking this pain just to get them to pull out thier wallets was 
causing distress and distrust for both my prospective client and me, as the service provider. 

This felt completely counter-intuitive to the process of helping heal their problems in the first place! 

There had to be a better way!

So, I went back to the drawing board and started breaking down the marketing and business models 
I had been taught now based on the principles and values that I knew worked in my industry! 

Here is what I came up with...

  • If the pain of the problem is the point where it is expressed typically as a "symptom", then under-standing how to reframe these "symptoms" as a deeper cost of the problem would be essential to get the person to want to do "the work", because by not taking action to get problems solved limits the person's own growth and Divine soul work.

  • These "symptoms" often affect all areas of the person's life--relationships, finances, and health and supresses personal growth and evolution. Getting the person to identify all the places where these "symptoms" are showing up is key to understanding the depth of the problem. 

  • By designing transformational offers that engages on a collaborative and supportive level with the intention of solving the specific problem will create more value, deeper results, and if done well, be priced in par of the fuller value of your solution--not based on a hourly rate. Further this provides a platform to stand in showcasing your own powerful knowledge you are here to teach.

  • Getting the best solution possbile requires an investment and is a nominal price in comparison to the real cost brought on by the pain incured in relationships, finances, and health. If the problem is left to fester they turn into crisises like divorces, bankruptcy, and dibilitating diseases.

These may sound radical yet these ideas can be used for marketing, sales, and business because...
Transformational Services work on clearing blocks to allow growth, possibilty, and evolution of a
person's life expression... 

Why not build a business model to do the same?

Fast forward my story ...

That is exactly what I did for my business and now I do for my clients. I’m known for my ability to cut 
through the fluff and get to the heart-work of what my clients uniquely bring to the table. I can help 
them gracefully claim their radiant voices as transformational services providers by creating rich and 
radiant experiences they love offering and their clients' crave.

But my greatest accomplishments to date have been: 

Having the courage to laser focus my own marketing by repackaging my life experiences and 
knowledge, so that I am claiming the full value of the body of my life's work,

Increasing my fees by doing the soul work that I know I was meant to do, so that I am being paid 
what I am worth, unapologetically,

Working with more grace, love, support, and intutition, all with my own voice of authentic expertise, 
so that I can evolve from the fraud-factor--feelings of "who am I to do this?",

Attracting action, inspired women who are my ideal clients that I love supporting, so that collectively
we can do the Divine work we are here to do and create a community of like-minded women, a few 
good men ;-) on this purpose too!

Lets Connect 
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