Claim Your Brilliance ...
Build a Business Based on Your Own Unique Radiant Edge TM
with Wendy Burge

What if ...You Could Design a Signature Business Capable of Giving You the Flexibility You Seek, the Income You Deserve, and Make the Big Impact in People's Lives You Want While Allowing You to Tap into the True Radiance EdgeTM?

Well, You Can! And, I Would Like to Show You How.

The rules of business are changing and one size does not fit all anymore. You know you
were meant to do amazing things with your life and have invested heavily in learning the
tools, skills, and mastery of your service but, you have not quite figured out how to put all
the pieces together to make your business profitable then its time to
Step into the Business of LifeTM.

My step-by-step process makes it simple to package your expertise, create your own
signature systems, and play full-out in your business by being paid to stand on your
own Radiant EdgeTM.

If you provide a soft service, work from an intuitive state, rely on your creative processes
all to provide inspired, transformative results with people, then, your business must be
built from the Inside-out. This requires a re-energinering of what you have been told to do.

Blend the knowledge you possess with the power of digital technology and the internet & socail media and you have a whole new landscape to play in to create a greater impact.

I am here to show you how to build a buisness based on your true radiance and help you create the structure and marketing you need to get results in a way that feels authentically YOU.

If you’re ready to build a bigger platform for your vision and your business,
sign up for a free 30-minute consultation. You’ll leave this session with 3 things
you can implement now to jump-start your business.

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Coaching & Mentoring 
Consulting & Services
Personal Branding - Claim Your Radiance  30-Day Program 

Explore, claim and embrace the expertise you have to share with people. This is not exclusive to your credentials but, to your life experiences, as well. Clearly communicate your expertise and the results you can help your clients achieve, confidently! Refit your business to support your expertise, redesign your offers, and increase your fees, gracefully. Rebuilding from the inside-out.  Book your consult now.

Signature System Creation - Packaging Your Expertise  60-Day Program  

Learn how to package your knowledge, skills, credentials, and special interests into propriety signature system and distinguish yourself from the crowd. Create your system to give the step-by-step process for solving your clients' most pressing problems. This marketable content positions expertise and gains major credibility with your clients. Move away from an hourly rate and leverage your earning power.
Book your consult now
Private Personal Coaching

Implementation and support to continue to move forward on your business with focused, direct accountability. Contact Wendy for More Details. (Never worked with Wendy before click here)

VIP Strategy 1-Day Intensive

Best suited to the experienced entrepreneur who is committed to doing what it takes. This customized, strategic intensive day is designed for your unique transformational process and service. Spark new possibilities with focused intention. Gain clarity, traction and action steps in a one-day highly customized intensive to tackle projects. Click Here for More Info

Radiant EdgeTM 8-Week Bootcamp: Clients & Cash Flow InfusionTM

Accelerate your business with this Group Get It DONE 8-Week Business Boost. Position your expertise, map out your profit plan & design your first launch. Mentoring, Strategies & Templates included. 
Learn more -- open enrollment starting July 6, 2015.

Receive my highest level of personal attention, creativity, support and accountability with lots of heart.
Group Coaching & Workshops

Topic Specific Programs and Workshops Available. Contact Wendy for Upcoming Events.

Receive my highest level of strategic attention, creativity, and expertise to advance your business.
Get Online! Web Business Audit

Strategy session on how to make the move to building your own online business expertise platform. Review current options, develop information product revenue streams, design list building automated systems. Review the tools neccesary to make the shift. Book your consult now
Webcopy Writing Services

Capture the voice of your marketing with clear, conversational, and action oriented website copy to engage your clients. Wendy still selectively takes on copy writing projects. If you have a project that needs to capture the voice of your business for your website copy, special report or a variety of other marketing materials and writing is not your gift, let alone skill, then hiring a professional writer is well worth your investment. Contact Wendy for Proposal Inquires.


Signature Program Development
Website Copywriting
Website Marketing Strategies
Client Attraction & Enrollment Systems
Leveraged Income Stream Design
Internet Marketing Strategies
Online Business Systems & Tools
eBook & Information Product Design
Signature Speaking & Writing Strategies

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