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Strategies For Success 

Putting principles into practice is what makes a business radiant.

All the HOW-to doesn't do any good if you don't have the accountability to move things forward and the expertise to help you do that.

Lasting sustainability in your business is created by accessing people who can show a clear and direct path for your growth that meets the needs of your ideal clients and your own personal lifestyle goals.

Fitting all this together into a seam-less process is what takes you from creating a j-o-b into a thriving business.

I would love to show you how.

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Build a Business Based on Your Own Unique Radiant Edge TM
with Wendy Burge

  • Are you over delivering on your service yet, not charging more for fear of losing clients?

  • Are you struggling to find the "voice of your business" and keep marketing all that you offer as an a-la-cart, yet, still have few clients?

  • Are you serving everyone and feel overwhelmed yet, cannot figure out how to tap into where to find your ideal clients?

  • Do you cringe when talking about your price, fees, cost or what you charge yet, do it anyway to only to feel salesy not empowered?

  • Are you confident what you do has the power to change lives yet, you are not able to generate the impact you desire through your offers?
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Are you ready to step into the business of life ?
 I am Wendy Burge and I don't want another heart-centered service provider to fall into the same marketing and business traps I struggled with for years, and that I still see keeps most heart-centered service professionals stuck, disempowered, and broke! 

I am here to change this!! It's time to stop settling for out-dated rules and disappointing results 
in your purpose-lead business. 

Allow me to help you tap into your own Radiant Edge to create a powerful platform for your business growth.

     Radiant Edge n 1 : The place individual brilliance resides within living beings 2 : Transformative qualities having the ability to expand the potential of people 3 : Mastery of lessons leading to valued expertise providing a platform for leadership: ADVANTAGE

With a 30 year long career in professional development, including being a certified art therapist and wellness coach, wellness centre owner and operator, and now as a business mentor and coach I have worked with clients, practitioners, and clinics across Canada and the U.S. helping people systemitizes their operations, engage authentically with their clients, and expand revenue channels using the very principles, practices, and systems I teach today.

My paradigm and views about business are not what most people are taught, however when they understand how to use their gifts in a more effective, empowered, and Divine way their business, marketing and sales, and client engagement processes transform.

Known by my clients as "The healer's healer" I will show you how to stop overworking and re-engineer your business to grow in alignment to your desires and finally make the money you deserve for your work.

I promise my Radiant Edge Business Systems TM will transform your business and life.

To your radiant success!
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Being More of Yourself IS Your Competetive Advantage

What makes you unique, remark-able and attractive to your ideal clients? 

It’s a combination of clarity— WHAT you uniquely do, HOW you specifically do it, and WHY you are THE ONE to do it. It’s Your Own Radiant Edge™!

Your biggest competitive advantage is stepping fully into your own authentic, personal brand.

Discover how to tap into your core values, unique voice and vibrant personality to uncover what makes you stand out in a crowd — online, on social media, and in person.

When you start building your business–including your message, marketing, programs and services, systems–AROUND your unique Radiant Edge™ everything starts to click.

It's Time You Are Known for Something Uniquely Your Own

If people you serve constantly tell you what a difference you’ve made for them and how transformational your work is and frankly, you’re sick and tired of being the best kept secret it’s time to finally package what you know…into your own Signature System.

Developing your own Signature Systems, when done right, is one of the most powerful ways to leverage your time and talent, get your work known by a wider audience, build a community of raving fans, touch more lives, put you on the “short list” of go-to resources and add double digits to your bottom line.

Present your unique talents, knowledge and gifts in a way that frees you up to serve more people without sacrificing quality results or forcing you to fit into a one-size-fits-all format that drains you of your originality, creativity or confidence.

Discover the Transformative Steps Required to Create a Thriving Business that Radiantly Reflects YOU!
Then it's time to get the help you need to claim your confidence back in your business.